Hatching Intervention Center is a private intervention centre for children with special needs in Singapore. It was founded in Kuala Lumpur by Ms. Loh Yee Shan in 2014. With a solid professional team, Hatching expanded to Singapore in 2021. It was set up when the founder noticed the missing gaps in the education system for typical and atypical children. Ms Loh Yee Shan believes that every child should enjoy learning through play. Every child should be ENABLED to PLAY, PLAY to LEARN, LEARN to GROW, GROW to EXCEL. We are here to help and prepare them for a better Quality of Life. We aim to provide opportunities for every child to discover the potential within them.

Hatching Center's core principle of 'Quality Rather Than Quantity' envisions us to develop and provide therapists and facilitators with recognized qualifications and relevant experiences from various approaches. Training and development are keys to our providence in ensuring the high quality of our services.


As a private institution and in line with our vision and mission, we also provide subsidies for families who are marginalized due to social‐economic conditions.

"We teach the way you learn & play the way you play"

Founder. Ms. Loh Yee Shan

In The News:


Online Parents Implemented Programme (PIP) is a Parents Training Programme to enable parents to be their very own 'Therapist" to their child.


Understandin Childhood Apraxia of Speech

The participant will be able to learn about the characteristics of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), normal speech development and strategies to improve the speech clarity of children with CAS.

May 8, 2021

The Transition from School to Work

A webinar on vocational training and work opportunities for teenagers with special needs.

June 19, 2021