As a social enterprise, we aim to provide a holistic intervention programme at an affordable price for all whereby SPEECH, OCCUPATION, & EDUCATION therapy are inclusive in 1 programme. We work closely with EXTERNAL and INTERNAL therapists as well as schools to bridge the gap, and to ensure an effective intervention programme for the special learner.


To enable children through play‐based approach in their development towards a quality of life with their families and society. Both typical and atypical children should be enabled through the different programmes uniquely designed by Hatching. Part of our mission is to advocate and support different diverse communities and bring forward betterment for all.

Physical Programmes

Early Intervention Programme for Infant and Children (EIPIC)

​We offer daily 3 to 6 hours individualized intervention programmes and life skills training (e.g. coping skills, self‐help skills, community skills, etc.), incorporating the child’s learning style and strengths with an emphasis on hands‐on learning. Inclusive of Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy in one programme.

+ Baby Play Programme (BPP): Aged 3 and below

+ Individual Play Programme (IPP): Aged 3 – 7 years old

+ School Readiness Programme (SRP): Aged 6 – 8 years old

+ Bridging Programme (BP): Aged 5 and above

Social Playground Programme

A 24 weeks weekend programme specially designed for children who are lacking of social skills by Child Psychologist and Special Needs Educator. To coach and empower parents in facilitating their own child's social interaction and communication with peers and siblings. There are 3 levels in total:

+ level 1: Emergent 

+ level 2: Associative

+ level 3: Independent

Lets Read - Enrichment Programme for Children with Reading Difficulty 

A weekend group session with our SEN Educator to enhance reading skills. A programme specially design to enhance letter recognition and reading speed by improving sensory processing of the child. 


Remote Intervention Programme (ONLINE)


A budget way yet not compromising the quality of intervention. With the help of technology, distance is no longer an issue for intervention. Our therapists are well trained and professional in conducting Tele-Therapy via zoom with interactive and fun methods. Children will be able to engage in the therapy session, and caregivers will be able to participate in the therapy session.

+ Speech Therapy

+ Occupational Therapy

+ Educational Therapy


Online Parents Implemented Program (PIP)

Online Parents Implemented Program (PIP) is a Parents Training Program to enable parents to be their very own 'Therapist" to their child.

EIPIC Singapore, Early Intervention, Special Needs, Social Play Group, Inclusive, Bridging

Play. Learn. Grow. Excel.

EIPIC Singapore, Early Intervention, Special Needs, Social Play Group, Inclusive, Bridging
EIPIC Singapore, Early Intervention, Special Needs, Social Play Group, Inclusive, Bridging